Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm sorry it's been so long. I have had the worst week ever...between work being SO crazy, having no free time because of work and personal commitments and having to deal with the dumbasses employed by WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL, I unfortunately haven't had any time to even think about blogging or being creative or doing anything besides eating and sleeping.

Today, honestly, I just want to cry. I'm stressed/confused/aggravated about a SLEW of things that have happened/are happening and I keep focusing on the ones that I absolutely cannot control and getting so upset.

And I hate WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL because they don't know how to do their jobs so now I'm riding around in a car (that I am still required to pay my loan note on) that has an expired tag and no registration. I guess that titling a car is difficult for them...and then when you pile on their lack of professionalism and customer service, well, they just don't know which end is up. I called Clark Howard's Consumer Action line today and they recommended that I go to the branch and have someone explain the situation to me face to face. I respectfully declined since I cannot be held accountable for my actions once I am there. I have also filed a formal complaint with Wells Fargo Corporate and the Better Business Bureau, posted a nasty Facebook comment, mentioned it here and I am calling them daily until they fix the issue.

Okay, enough self pity. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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  2. :( Sorry to hear about all that. I HATE dealing with customer service.

    Hope you have a good time in Vegas and can forget about your crappy week!