Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kitchen Organization: Goal #3 Accomplished

OMG. We accomplished a goal. Get.Out.

Saturday was pretty busy (Asher's birthday party (cutest little baby and adorable party!), hanging with Dave and Jennie and getting to see our friend, Tricia, who was in town from California) so we didn’t get a chance to get started on the kitchen organization on Saturday…so we knocked it out on Sunday!

We started around noon and worked until 6 p.m. That’s right. Six hours of organization – the perfect day!

  • Go through each cabinet, purge unnecessary items, wipe out cabinets (shelves and both sides of the door) and reorganize placement of contents. (We did this for four sets of cabinets on the top and three on the bottom.) Here are some highlights:

  • Clean out all drawers and wipe out all crud and nastiness that was present. We then needed to reevaluate what was in each drawer. We had kitchen utensils in the drawer next to the sink and the dishrags in the drawer next to the stove…duh – we flipped those. And randomly enough, we had a whole drawer full of air fresheners (Glade Plug-ins…Hawaiian Breeze – delish) next to the stove. What?!? That doesn’t even seem logical…or safe for that matter. So, we moved those.
  • Slap ourselves for letting our kitchen island get to this point…

I know, I’m thoroughly embarrassed at the disarray of this cabinet. What I’m even more embarrassed about is the time that I took to cram/balance/shove stuff in there and ensure that it didn’t fall out when opening the cabinet doors. I have glass vases teetering in the balance for God's sake! However, we cleaned this out and got rid of a lot of stuff that we rarely or have never used, which cleared up a lot of room. We now have this nice and neat 'after' picture…

After the cabinets were complete, we:

  • Cleaned out the refrigerator and wiped down all appliances.
  • Cleaned and reorganized pantry.

  • Wiped off all items/appliances that are sitting on the countertops, and then wiped down the countertops with the special cleaner. (Special cleaner = Clorox Green Works all purpose spray. It is fantastic for granite.)
  • Wipe down all baseboards and chair rail and vacuum.
I am so proud of us for getting this done. We would like to go through the entire house, room by room, and clean things out and organize everything. We have only been in our house a little less than two years but I feel like we have accumulated so much crap that it is ridiculous!

Anyway, the only thing left to do in the kitchen is painting the ceiling and crown molding and trim. I am going to list those as separate goals because the ceiling painting goal has been loitering on this blog since about July.

What do you think? Were you terrified of our ‘Hoarders’ style island?


  1. a couple after my own heart! love, love, love the organization!

  2. I agree with Andrea…love the organization!

  3. Thanks, ladies! We are so proud.