Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekend Update + 3 Other Days

I’ve been a little MIA the last few days…sorry ‘bout that. Let’s start with a funny story from last Thursday night/Friday morning. Warning: this is gross and not for the faint of heart.

Brother and Beau went outside to play on Thursday night. It wasn’t but a few minutes after they went out that Brother was sitting by the back door whining to come in…he never does that. I let him in and we notice that he is just running around the house frantically and will not sit down. Then we see two big welts on his back leg, and come to the assumption that he got stung while he was outside. I give him some Benadryl, he kind of passes out about 30 minutes later and it’s all good. We go to bed a couple of hours later and his welts weren’t as swollen but he was really groggy.

Fast forward to 3 a.m. on Friday morning – we hear Brother walking around the bedroom. Shane gets up and puts him back in bed, but Brother is up and walking around again at around 4 a.m….then 5:30 a.m….and again at 6:15 a.m. But the last time was a little different. He was sitting by the bedroom door, and Shane told him to get back in his bed. A few seconds later, we hear what sounds like a dog cough. ‘Shit, Shane – he just threw up.’ ‘What?!?’ We get up, turn on the lights, and see what I am still thinking is throw up. I tell Shane that I am going to go get the paper towels and cleaner, and he says ‘I don’t know…I don’t think this is throw up. I think it’s shit.’ Then I get a nice big whiff of the diaherra that is splattered all over my bedroom floor. We let Brother out, and I go get the cleaner, a towel to ‘bandit-wrap’ my face in, and come back to the bedroom. There is poop on my sheets, bedskirt and rug by the door – but Brother had his accident across the room by the bathroom??? Long story short, his ass exploded in front of an industrial fan that sits on a chair in my room. It blew it across the room, as well as splattering in a good 3x3 square in my room. We spray odor eliminator on it first, just to be able to manage the smell, but that resulted in Febreeze scented poop. And to further communicate the magnitude of the situation, I not only had to clean the floors, but I had to wipe down the walls people! Finally, one roll of paper towels and 30 minutes later, we have it cleaned up. What a lovely way to start the day!

Friday – Besides cleaning up poop for a half hour that morning, me and Shane, and our friends Alan, Lindsey, Jamie and Audrey went to the Darius Rucker/Rascal Flatts concert at Lakewood that night! We had a great time and it was a great concert!

Group shot:

Saturday – We slept in, like really slept in, and then ate lunch and headed to Ikea with my mom to help her pick out bedding for her new guest bedroom. We are planning to go over there this weekend and help her set up, so stay tuned for pics! Saturday night, we made our way up to Woodstock to celebrate Danielle’s b-day (Happy Birthday, D!) and see her new house…so cute!

Sunday – Shane played tennis, as he is preparing to be the next Andy Roddick so he plays at least five times per week, and I did the usual…grocery shopping, cleaning, some work, blah.

And an update on the windows, they should be installed in the next week or so. After we got our initial quote from Window World, we called someone else who quoted us a price that was about $600 cheaper than WW. I contacted the WW rep, since his guarantee is to match the price and double the difference, and sent him over the new quote. Turns out that the other guy quoted me for windows that were much smaller, and that basically wouldn’t fit in my house, but WW is still matching their price! So while they pissed me off by not installing as planned, they have redeemed themselves by cutting my costs!

Also, I know it’s goal time…we’ll assess tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the love. AND thanks for the b'day gift. *kiss*kiss*

  2. Hi, Stacy!

    Kelly's mom here.

    Longtime "lurker" ;-)

    I HAD to comment just to say "thanks" for letting us know what actually happens when "the shit hits the fan". Or I guess vice-versa in this case. LOL

    Hope your pup is feeling all better now! :)

  3. D - Your welcome!

    Big Pissy - Hey! It's cool...I'm a lurker on your blog too! You are too funny!

    And I totally didn't even think of the expression 'shit hitting the fan'...that's awesome!