Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend Update

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is getting this week started ri-zight. Here’s the recap:

Friday: So, I had a work off-site at 3:30 at Ship and Anchor in Dunwoody. We were reviewing a presentation for the following week, today actually, and thought that a bar would be the best place to do so. I had every intention of reviewing my slides, having one drink and then going to the gym. Ummm…two martinis, one car bomb and a Miller Lite later…along with an email to Shane at 8:15 saying that I’m leaving in a ‘bit’….at 10:45 – I was home. Oops.

Saturday: Shane and I had a very important ‘appointment’ on Saturday morning (speculate if you will) and then were house/dog sitting for his parents. We ran home, picked up the boys, and then headed to Acworth for the night. We hung out at the pool and took it easy…

Sunday: More pool and taking it easy…

I can tell that this week is going to fly by, thank gawd, and we have a jam packed weekend: Friday night birthday party at East Andrews, Saturday beer tasting and end of summer BBQ, and a Sunday baby shower. Shew.

No house updates, or window/door updates, but here is a pic of my mom’s new guest bedroom bedding (compliments of Ikea, and my design expertise, of course. Love you mom! :))
And a little funny for the rest of the week:

Sorry your attempt to form a summer softball team was a painful reminder that you don't have eight friends

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  1. hahaha that someecard made me laugh out loud. Such a funny!! I love how confident he looks too. hehe

    Love the colors in your mom's guest room - fab!