Thursday, August 20, 2009


It’s Thursday…dang. So what’s been up since, well, this time last week?

Our weekend was jam-packed full of fun, food, drinking and more drinking! Friday night was Kelly’s husband, Austin’s, birthday so we celebrated with them at East Andrews Upstairs. We had a great time, met lots of new peeps and as if I have to say it…drank too much.
Kel and Austin (the b-day boy!) - hilarious!:
Saturday, we were pretty much worthless, but had a BBQ to go to that evening. We managed to pick ourselves up off the couch, get ready and head to Alpharetta for an end of summer BBQ. We had a really good time, again met some new peeps, and I ate this killer bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed, grilled jalapeno…I had to restrain myself from having seven.

Sunday, I was up and at ‘em pretty early for my friend, Christen’s, baby shower. It was at my other friend, Gretchen’s, house which is a good 50 minutes away from my house. So although the shower started at 12 – I left my house at 10. You never know…The shower was really nice and Gretch did such a great job!
B for 'Bella':
Her cake:
Mommy-to-be Christen:After I left the shower, I popped by my mom’s to visit with my aunt, uncle and cousins that were in town from South Cackalackee (South Carolina). It was so good to see them outside of the holidays, and they are some of my most loyal blog readers so we had lots to chat about!

Monday, I was sick – so I took the day off. It was boring, and at about 11 I was starting to wish that I had just gone in. Why do I always feel the most sick after I get out of bed, start the shower and begin to contemplate my day?

This week has been busy…Shane played tennis on Tuesday and plays again tonight, I’ve been working out a lot, and making up for workouts, work, etc. that I missed on Monday. So needless to say, I’m pretty psyched about this weekend…which is a weekend of relaxation. Well, not really because Shane and I plan to do yard work. I mean, we have just reached a point where it’s like ‘We aren’t going to pay anybody; one of our nice neighbors isn’t just going to pop by and do it for us, so let’s just get it done.” So that’s that…we’ll see!

How has everyone else’s week been? Busy? Why does it seem like this summer is completely flying by? Hmmm….


  1. oh wow - she did SUCH a good job on the shower - cutie cute! And yes - fab night for Austin's b-day - woo - and I purposefully did not try those stuffed jalapeño things! haha But I DID eat my weight in layered dip so what was the point I ask??

  2. Kel - yes, the shower was very cute...loved the cake. And we had a blast at Austin's bday, which was evident by my stumbling and Shane's forgetting our tab! Ha Ha! Loved the japs!