Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update

What up?! An update on Monday – woo hoo! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was supposed to be really relaxing, and it was to a point, but we did manage to pull a late-nighter on Saturday night…

Friday: Dinner at Dad and Greta’s place…enjoyed some pizza and a heated game of Scrabble. We
had the Webster’s and Scrabble dictionary out, and some pretty hard core rules about challenging words. BUT – when my mom comes with words like ‘squirms’ and ‘Elks,’ I’m going to have to call her on it. Greta’s son, Justin, was the winner and I wound up with second place (first loser.) We left around 11 and headed home…

Saturday: Yard work. Ugh. I. Loathe. Yard. Work. About four months ago, you may recall, I ordered pine straw, fill dirt and river rock. Well, the river rock was laid…the rest was just sitting in the driveway – for four months. Yes, we are THOSE neighbors.

But, finally, we made some progress this weekend. We moved all of the crumbled rock from the slab that we jack hammered (what, like 2 months ago? Geez.), shoveled about 10 to 12 loads of fill dirt to fill the hole that was left by the concrete, and tried to clean up the driveway a little. Do you know what happens when you let fill dirt sit in the elements for four months? Well, it gets rained on, gets ants in it, gets really heavy, gets clumpy, and becomes a huge muddy mess. Word to the wise: Don’t ever order fill dirt…for anything.

Damn dirt:Saturday night we went to the Braves game and hung in the suite, compliments of Manny and Debbie! It was very nice, and it’s always a plus when you are drinking and have a bathroom within 20 paces. After the game, we get a wild hair to meet a friend at Vintage Tavern. Five shots later, I am being ALL KINDS of verbally inappropriate – the details of which I will not share. Let’s just say that I’m lucky I wasn’t slapped, right there on the spot. Wow. We left VT and then headed to Waffle House, because I enjoy watching my waistline expand, and then decided we’d pop on over and visit a friend that lives near us…at 3:45 a.m. We were all so confused as to why he was asleep, and then noticed as we were leaving that it was nearly 4 in the AM. Wow again.

Sunday: Hungover. Shane and David had a tennis match on Sunday, so I scooped my worthless butt off the couch, showered and went to watch them play in Dunwoody. They lost, but the highlight was Shane trying to hit the ball backwards. As in he was facing opposite the net and tried to hit the ball behind him. It was out, and David’s response was ‘Dude – what do you think this is?!? Horse?!” Hilarious. We grocery shopped, came home, watched a movie and passed out at 8.
It was a good weekend, and we are now looking forward to our windows and doors being installed on Wednesday! Hopefully for real this time…rain or shine.


  1. I’m just saying – you might want to consider AA!

  2. Dude - you guys did SO much work outside. Insane. hehe Tennis pictures.

  3. Kel - it may not look like much, but I swear it was SO much freakin' work!!! And I agree - he he Tennis pics. I have to do something to keep myself busy! Just kidding - I love watching Shane play tennis. :)