Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Planting a Seed

Well, not really planting seeds, but does buying plants at IKEA count?

I made a trip over to IKEA on Monday (had the day off – so nice) to look for some new pillows for the couch and, of course, came out with that plus 38 other items. Two of those being some needed greenery for the house…

Check out my new Dragon Tree ($6.99 at IKEA, ba lee dat):
The best thing about this tree is that you hardly ever have to water it. That is my kind of tree – minimal water, minimal attention, minimal light, minimal air.

And these are our new, pretty little succulents ($2.99 each at IKEA):
What is a succulent? Well, yet another plant that doesn’t need water. It does need minimal light but as you can see by their new home on the kitchen windowsill – I still don’t have to do anything.

We shall see how these new leafy creatures fare in the Wilson/Carlisle household…it could get ugly with my brown thumb.

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