Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Goal #6

April’s #6 goal can officially be striked off the list. Well, not completely gone because it needs to be accounted for, but let’s put a small check out beside it.

Below are the front, back and side yard landscaping plans for Honeysuckle. I know…horticultural design, and drawing in general, are my calling in life – but unfortunately, my talents are needed elsewhere.

Let’s first examine the front yard (click to make larger):

Not much is changing due to budget overages on the deck (who knew we would need so many new tools?). So this will involve mulching around the two big trees, ripping out the random onions (yeah, they’re everywhere) and monkey grass from the beds by the sidewalk and laying mulch around the bushes that are currently planted there. I also threw in some potted plants for color on the steps. The right side of the house will be pine straw, but it could be mulch depending on how much we can have delivered. The mulch will be black (to compliment the black shutters and newly painted black front door.)

The side yard is a difficult area. There are two huge oak trees that shade the entire area, making grass non-existent and non-growable. We do, however, have a very lovely moss garden. I want to put black mulch around the trees, again digging up all of the monkey grass. There is also a random azalea planted down the slope next to the street that will be coming out. The biggest change will be the area that once housed the infamous handicap ramp. Another oak shades this area, so we have decided to lay rock here. I can’t decide if I want to put permanent potters at the foot of the driveway or build an elevated bed for flowers…not sure.

The backyard is where it’s at…in terms of work - it CERTAINLY isn’t ‘where it’s at’ for the party. This plan includes laying pine straw around the entire perimeter of the yard, planting Leland Cypresses around the back of the yard to create privacy, and shrubs around the fence line that faces the road as well as around the deck. We’ll also be either seeding for grass in the middle or laying Fescue sod, depending on the price.

We hope to get a lot of the backyard cleanup done this weekend…any volunteers? Any advice for shrubs? Let me know!

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