Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Year!

I'm only about 13 days late on this 'New Year' post...but Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a great holiday and is getting into the 2009 swing of things! One of my resolutions this year is clearly to stay more on top of this blog and start posting regularly...we'll see how that goes.

Shane and I have gotten some 'here and there' types of things done since my last post....which was...umm...on December 5 - so I would certainly hope so! Here's the recap:

Oak trees are beautiful, such history, such a grand presence, such a pain in the butt when the leaves decide to fall...

We raked leaves (only because using a blower was SUCH a waste of time) for hours! And talk about sore...nothing like a rake to work out those back, ab, arm, and leg muscles.

And my mom also got us a fabulous new showerhead for Christmas! We have two pretty big dogs-here are Beau and Brother (yes, that is his name...):

So, as you can see, it is pretty difficult to bathe them with just a normal showerhead. This would consist of me holding a Solo cup up to the showerhead, waiting forever for it to fill with water and then dumping it on my dogs. Ridiculous process, but I am too picky (and cheap) to pay someone else to give them a bath. So we asked Santa to bring us a new showerhead that has a spray handle...and that is what we got! Check out the before and after:

Shane is so proud of himself...can't you tell? And the best part about these projects is that we find out about all these fun, new tools -- for this one we used a 'Vice Grip.' Ahhh....Vice Grip. And Plumber's tape - although we probably should have been using that on several of our other projects...hmmm.


  1. hehe Love it! He looks so proud!! Ah - the dogs are so big Stacy! Are they going to grow more?! Cuties. Um, that's a lot of leaves. Maybe I don't want to get a house! Eek! Looking forward to more of your posts in '09!!

  2. I'm tellin' you - it's all about the little things in life! The dogs are HUGE and continuing to grow...remember when you said you had the friend with the 80 pound dog? That's now me...

    And the leaves are such a pain! Well worth the money to pay someone to do it!