Monday, June 2, 2008

First Weekend of Renovations

Shane and I have finally closed on our first home! And now it is time for a little renovation and demolition! The first weekend saga... It started on Thursday. Closing was set at 11, and I had the plan all mapped out....spreadsheet and all! But when the closing was moved to 4 - I seemed to get a little off track. My plan to rip out all of the carpet, demo the handicap ramp, and pull up a few tiles in the kitchen didn't happen. I was lucky to go get my new puppies (pic below) and get back to the house by 9 p.m. My dad and Shane pulled up only one room of carpet...we are already behind schedule...the house was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!! Did we make a mistake?

Friday seemed to be more productive. My dad was at the house by probably 7 a.m. to start cleaning up the yard. When I stopped by at 8 - the random wood pile from the back yard was cleaned up and the remaining carpet had been ripped up. I go inside to take a look -- and not so good. The master bedroom hardwood has paint smeared all over it, and the office looks like it has at least 20 years of animal pee stains on the floor. Nice. Hardwood refinishing is NOT in the budget...All the guys are working on the yard...two huge weed beds have been ripped out, and the third has been started. My brother, Chris, insists that the place is haunted....we'll see!

On to Saturday. At the house by 9 a.m. (yes, on a Saturday) and the crew arrives shortly after. The 'crew' consists of Debbie, Manny, Katie, Wanda, Chris, me, Shane, David, and Jennie. My mom gets started by cleaning the walls in the master bedroom. The previous owners seemed to have no problem with letting their drinks spill down their walls...gross. So after vacuuming and wiping down walls...we are ready to paint. Before and afters are coming! The guys are still outside tending to the overgrown yard...roof has been blown off, gutters cleaned out, and tree limbs have been cut is starting to look like more and more like a real house!

Sunday...more painting. Kilz paint is the way to go (for light colors)! One coat guarantee...unless you are painting Red Fox...then it is more like a five coat guarantee. Debbie and Shane are cleaning up the kitchen...including cleaning cat hair out of the cabinets. Yummy. Cats are All of the tack boards and staples have been taken out of the bedrooms, and the yard is still being cleaned up.

Next step - what and how are we doing the floors? And when is this brick backsplash coming out? Stay tuned...

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  1. this is the 3rd try! The house and the yard look good! I can't wait to see it and you two. Hopefully before winter! You are doing a great job and I know it will be beautiful when finished!
    Pete and Ginny