Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Bump and Bacne

That title just sounds delicious. 

First, here is the 29 week baby bump shot:
I forgot to take my 28 week shot...oops. :( Trust me when I say that it looked a lot like this picture. 

And now on to a very serious issue I'm facing, bacne. It's out of control. 

I typically have pretty clear skin, with the occasional breakout on my face, but I have NEVER had anything on my body - until now. My shoulders and upper back are riddled (riddled, I tell you!) with bumps - some are red and swollen and others are just little bumps that I can scratch off. 

Note, this grossness isn't new as I've had it since about 12 weeks. However, it's become a serious issue in my life as I've purchased a dress for an upcoming baby shower that exposes my shoulders. And what does the bacne decide to do? Rear it's ugly head with more red bumps than I have seen in my entire 31 weeks of pregnancy. It's gotten serious and I've had to get Shane involved to help 'extinguish' some of them, if you know what I mean. 

I have purchased my dress and it isn't going back because it took me hours to find one that fit right (e.g., didn't accentuate my, now, flat butt too much, was light, airy, comfortable, etc.). So, now I have to go out and find a lightweight cardigan to wear over my dress...yes, a freaking cardigan to be worn in the month of August...while pregnant - you know, because I'm not sweating like a pig 95% of the time anyway.  

Oh, the drama. I used to go shopping for 'weekend outfits' that were cute and didn't make me look I look for outfits that cover as much skin as possible and don't accentuate my bacne. 

But, I do have to say that I know all of this is worth it and I am very lucky to even have these problems. Only 9 weeks left!

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