Friday, August 10, 2012

31 Week Baby Bump and Woes

I forgot to take my 30 week shot. But just as with the missed 28 week shot - it looked a lot like this:

We got our BabyCenter update yesterday and we have 56 days to go until we meet Baby Wilson! I hope and pray that he/she stays in 'til the end! (stays in? is that gross? whatever.)

Things are definitely starting to get a little uncomfortable. I feel huge but know that I'm going to be growing a lot over the next 8 weeks. Baby moves a lot, especially when I lay down on my side. I have some pretty mean the kind that wakes me up at night. I pee ALL.THE.TIME. If I'm not peeing, I'm thinking about eating and the next time that I might have to pee. The lower back pain is starting to become a little painful. And I now have a hand or a foot that likes to just chill at the very top of my stomach, pretty much under my ribs. I imagine that it is either kicking my ribs or playing them like a harp - either way, it's a little painful. But all worth it! 

Happy Friday!


  1. Awwwwww!!!! I'm excited to meet that sweet baby!!!

  2. Hang in there're almost finished!