Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weeks 5-8

February 4: My first experience out, in front of friends, in a drinking environment. We went to a friend’s birthday dinner at a restaurant that I use to frequent A LOT in college. On our way there, we were told they were sitting in the smoking section. Our friend Jason was in the car with us so we couldn’t verbally freak out but we were freaked out. Luckily, we got there and it wasn’t bad…I didn’t even smell smoke. I order water and immediately get the stink eye from a few people. Their first response is ‘Why aren’t you drinking?’ My response ‘Well, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. And I can never just have one beer…I don’t know that speed.’ Our friend, Branden, straight up called me out by saying ‘You are so pregnant. That’s why you aren’t smoking or drinking.’ Nice. 

After dinner, everyone went out (including Shane) to a bar but this girl went home and watched The Davinci Code on TV and was asleep by 10:30. Shane didn’t have a key to get in so I was up and down all night, until he arrived home at 4 a.m., because I was nervous about him not getting in, someone trying to break in, etc. Conversations about said partying happened the next morning. Naturally.

February 10: Doctor appointment. Same jig as the other times, same room…start the ultrasound and we can actually see something! It is just the gestational sac but at least it’s something! AND we can see the tiny little heart fluttering! He estimates that I’m about 6 weeks and 1 day along. 

Then more blood work – but, it’s cool, I’m a pro. Errrrrr – not so fast. This time, when she goes to take blood from my perfect vein, it starts to clot (she said because it wasn’t completely healed from the last time). So, she has to stop and start with the other arm…but it is good too so it’s quick and painless!

We make another appointment for two weeks later.

February 24: And, again, same jig…we start the ultrasound and what we see is SO much bigger! It still looks like a little tadpole but it is SO much bigger than the last time! And the best part was getting to HEAR the heartbeat – it was so fast but Doc said that it was right on point. As he was digging around (sounds inappropriate) he quickly says ‘Oh, looks like we’ve got a little septum there.’ But then he gets done and says everything looks good, I’m about 8 weeks, great job (not really, that’s what I told myself).

After he leaves the room, I ask Shane what he thinks and he is immediately concerned about the septum comment. We both have no idea what it is or what it looks like or what it means…and I think that Shane is more freaked than I am. We go to talk to the doctor and I immediately ask about the septum. He explains it by drawing it (which I find so helpful – I’m much more visual) and says that it is a part of the uterus that bulges out and isn’t quite as soft as the rest. Sometimes if the baby latches on to that part, it can cause a miscarriage because they can’t get the nutrients they need. And he said that it can sometimes cause early labor around the 30-ish week mark. But he doesn’t seem concerned by my situation. He says that based on what we’ve seen, the chance for miscarriage is now significantly decreased. He also mentions that I can’t travel after 28 weeks…okay, thanks Doc, I’ll take the next 20 weeks to think about that.

We thank him and head out the door. The second we hit the sidewalk I say ‘So, who’s going to spend all day on Google looking at what septums are? Besides me…’ I head to work and immediately do this. It’s scary…did you know that sometimes septums can create double vaginas? I definitely don’t have that (swears) but it was pretty scary. You can check out more information here

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