Tuesday, April 3, 2012

13 Weeks and a Belly Pic

We are trucking right along on this whole pregnancy thing. I feel like I should be way farther along than I am right now...but I guess that is the deal when you find out so early. 

Still feeling kind of tired, as big as a house and, a new one, pretty irrationally emotional. Shane has experienced that one first hand and I'm not sure that he's a fan. As far as foods, pancakes and macaroni and cheese (the powder kind) are my favorite. We've also made some progress on the nursery - well, really just cleaning it out but that was a job. Pictures to come soon!

Here is what I'm looking like at 13 weeks, which is no different than last week:

I really wish that something would just happen with this baby bump so that I can just buy maternity clothes already. The pants I have are pretty tight in the waist and I'm running out of flowy dresses to sport. 

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  1. Take a hair tie and loop it around your button and through the hole then back aroun ur button again.... Gives you at least another inch or so of room! Or get a belly-band... But they kinda suck!!! I see a lil bump coming!!!!