Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Just Appeared...

The baby bump is starting to arrive! This pregnancy is for real!

I noticed something a little different last Friday and then I swear it just popped out and the middle of my stomach is really hard. This whole thing is so weird. And I think it freaked Shane out a little bit...

I also bought my first pieces of maternity clothes this weekend. Super cute dresses that are also comfortable - and I'm 99% sure i'll wear these even when I'm not pregnant:

And as far as the Braves game and tailgating with drunk people, it wasn't really that fun - as I suspected. Add to that that I also sneezed at least 75 times whilst at the game, then had a runny nose like nobody's business and the stadium was 'out of napkins' (per Shane). So, that was fun. 

And, if I'm not a glutton for punishment, we are going to a beer festival this Saturday. I think this will be a little better since some girlfriends are going but we'll see!

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