Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weeks 16 and 17

Got sidetracked on the 'ole blog posting - oops! Anyway, that just means there is more progress to share!

Week 16 Pic:

Week 17 Pic:

Quite a difference from week 16 to 17!

I'm feeling pretty good for the most part! I'm very thankful to not feel exhausted anymore but holy back pain. It has come out of no where and even hurts when I lay down! 

Also, we could have found out the sex last week, but we are going to let that be a surprise! However, we did get a shot that makes me think this baby could be a girl! Check it out:
No idea why this is showing up upside down...

But as you can see, those are two legs and a random arm...and there doesn't appear to be any appendages between the legs. But, I'm no doctor so I guess we'll see in October!

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