Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: A Year in Review

This year has been a whirlwind. At the beginning of the year, I remember saying ‘I’m going to slow down this year.’ Pashah – didn’t happen. So, here’s a stroll down memory lane…

In January I started using Latisse and it changed my life - and my face. We got snowed in for four days during Atlanta’s Snowpocalypse. I officially became Stacy Wilson. I spent 13 hours painting stripes in my guest bedroom. We went to our friend, Lindsay’s, cabin in North Georgia and I made my first video.

In February we thought about selling our house. But then quickly found out that the rumors are true – house prices really are in the crapper.

In March we threw a wedding shower for our friends Mike and Mandy. We celebrated St. Patty’s Day and some birthdays – including my dad’s. I trusted my GPS and it led me astray.

In April we celebrated a birthday and our wedding band, Flux Capacitor, was there – Awe.Some. I traveled to Orlando for Mandy’s bachelorette party and attended a bridal shower. Saw the dermatologist for the first time in my life and finally diagnosed the eczema on my hands. Latisse continued to change my life.

In May we had another bachelorette party in Atlanta for Mandy. After that, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. We finally got our deck stained. Beau and Brother turned three years old. We celebrated my brother, Patrick’s, birthday.

In June I went to Dallas, TX for work. We saw Zach Brown at a local bar - he sang a few cover songs and poured some free shots.  We celebrated our friend, Branden’s, birthday with a pool party. Shane and I started playing kickball. We celebrated our friend, Mike’s, 30th birthday with a movie-themed costume party.

In July we went back to Lindsay’s cabin for summer 4th of July fun – including tubing, trapping snakes and hanging out. We had some trees cut down…hoping the grass would grow. It didn’t. We celebrated our friend, Kelly’s, birthday. We found a bong in the closet. We bought a new car. I went to Chateau Elan for work. We spent a week in Panama City Beach, Fl. Half of my work team quit and things got stressful.

In August we celebrated one year of marital bliss. Shane gave me diamond stud earrings that I’ve wanted FOREVER. I went to Aruba with my besties. We celebrated Danielle’s 30th birthday with a party bus and Smyrna bar crawl. We finally sent out our wedding thank you notes. Work was still hectic.

In September we kicked off Georgia football season. We celebrated our friend, Jennifer’s, birthday. We saw Journey. I started laser hair removal – and it changed my life. Work got really rough and I had several breakdowns. I found out that I run a 7.1 second 40-yard dash and put it on a shirt. I started boot camp with Jennie and learned to run outside. 

In October I turned 28. Work was still crazy. I got a massage. Attended Kirnfest. Ran my first 5K. Started taking a photography class (that wound up sucking, big time). Celebrated my mom’s birthday. 

In November I tried on wedding dresses (don’t ask :)). Celebrated our friend, Justin’s, 30th birthday. Played our final kickball game of the fall. Hosted our first Thanksgiving. I worked a lot. Celebrated our friend, Mandy’s, 30th birthday with an 80’s theme.

In December I went to Raleigh for work. Saw The Sitter (it’s just like Adventures in Babysitting). Had a low country boil. Worked a lot some more. Celebrated my brother, Chris’, birthday. Had an awesome Christmas with the family.

I am thankful for all that we were able to do and celebrate in 2011 but I must admit it was a busy and stressful year. I'm looking forward to a fresh, bring on 2012!!!

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