Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doggie Birthday!

Monday marked our dogs', Beauregard and Brother's, 3rd birthday! Can't believe how quickly they are growing up...:)

Funny part is - their birthday was Monday but Shane and I forgot. We talked about it Friday, Saturday and Sunday - BUT forgot about it on Monday. So we decided to celebrate on Tuesday...

They got these new toys...also known as Moo-Moo and Dragon:

Our dogs don't typically get stuffed animals because they will promptly destroy them. However, these toys are Go Dog toys and have something called Chew Guard Technology...I wasn't sure about these until the sales person said that her two Pit Bulls had these same toys and had had them for over a year. I purchased them and am proud to report that almost 24 hours later - these toys are still intact. With all of their limbs, wings, eyes, etc. I think we may be fans!

 Brother, Shane and Beau...look at Beau - he is so obsessed with his dad.
 This was 20 minutes after the stuffed animal presentation...he was bored. I think he knew that we really missed his big day.
 But this guy was thoroughly entertained. He prefers to see the brighter side of the situation.  
 And we finished the night off with some Frosty Paws! And, yes, we I did sing Happy Birthday as we put down their bowls.

And, in case you are indeed still  reading, I figured I'd share some birthday stuffed animal video it clear how much we love our dogs?


  1. So Sweet - Happy Birthday Boys...stick your noses somewhere in appropriate for your Aunt Jennie!

  2. aw happy birthday, boys!! Love those toys - thanks for the link. Reuben is a destroyer of all furry toys too!