Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrity Sighting!

Last week, Shane and I (and some friends) were at our regular spot, Hottie Hawgs, playing trivia. Long story short, we didn't win, but got a call from someone saying Zac Brown was at Dixie Tavern (a local bar where the Zac Brown band got their start). We jump in the car and head over and sure enough...Zac Brown was there. Proof below (sorry for the bad quality...damn camera phone):

And some videos:
We never approached him or tried to talk to him...he was just trying to have a drink and chill. So, instead we sat three feet away from him and just stared. Way less creepy.


  1. WAY less creepy. hahaha

    So fun that you got to see him!

  2. I agree with Kelly. Way less creepy.

  3. ahhhh I *love love love* that he played "Wish you were here"!!! a bit jealous of you :)

  4. One of my friends that works at Emory is super close with Zac's, they go to their house to 'hang out' and stuff. Maybe I can see if we can get in on one of these 'hang outs' sometime...she says they are super fun people that live a pretty normal life... Glad you had fun!