Thursday, November 18, 2010

Runaway Dogs

Tuesday was a scary day…our dogs, Beau and Brother, got out of the backyard and decided to take a morning jaunt around the neighborhood.

I was getting ready for work and let them out to go to the bathroom one last time before I left for work. I come back maybe 10 minutes later --- and they are gone. ‘Brother! Bo-Bo! Come inside and get in your beds!’ (Yes, I have to fully explain to them why they are coming in or they will just stand there and stare at you. They need details, damn it.) Nothing. I peep my head out and our side gate is wide open…holy crap. So, what do I do? I walk outside in my robe, house shoes and frightening hair and stand in the middle of the driveway and shout for them. They are no where…

And I continue to stand there…what do I do? Did they run away? Did someone take them? How did that gate get open? Why am I still standing here?

I run inside, grab my purse, get in my car and just start driving. It’s raining and I have my windows down, driving around screaming their names. I was trying to listen for dogs barking or women screaming, because they sometimes have that affect on people, but nothing…

After 20 minutes of nothing, I start crying hysterically. I call Shane. No answer. So, I call five more times, back to back. I finally talk to him and start crying even harder…

After 25 more minutes, I’m driving down a side street and see Beau tearing across someone’s yard. I immediately throw my car in park, throw down my phone and get out of my car (in the middle of the road) and scream “BEAU! GET YOUR &*(%$^* $#@ IN THIS CAR RIGHT #$%^&* NOW!” He declines. He continues to jog away from me. I have to change my tactics…”Bo-Bo, come get in the car buddy…come on!” He walked over and I asked him (as if he could respond) “Where’s your Brother, buddy?” Brother magically appears on the other side of the car…he’s a little creepy sometimes.

The events following their capture consisted of my leather seats being covered in muddy footprints, a couple of scratches, the smell of wet dog and vomit, spankings and then the silent treatment.

But how could you not love these guys?


  1. Still can't believe this happened! :( LOVE how incredibly cute + guilty they look in this picture. hehe

  2. Oh my word, I'd be friggin hysterical! Glad you found the buddies :)

  3. Hello. Anyone home? UPDATE YOUR BLOG, CARLISLE! I apparently don't get enough of you at work, during workouts or on weekends. GAH!

  4. Stacy!!! Where are you?? I love reading your blog, give us an update please!!!!