Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween! (Two Days Late)

I'm always late...so no better time than November 2 to recognize Halloween and share costumes from Saturday night's costume party!

Shane: The Cat's Pajamas and Stacy: Happy/Surprised Mime
Beauregard: The Jester
Brother: The Pirate
For the record, they both hated their costumes and kept them on a combined 12 seconds before they tried to rip them apart.
Danielle: Candy Corn
Austin and Kel: Blind Man and Fallen Angel
Jose: The Deadliest Catch fisherman
Branden: Rick Moranis from Ghostbusters...and the Cat's Pajamas, again
And the winner of the night is...Jason as Hollywood Hogan! This costume was classic!
Other shots from the night:

 This was a guy...dressed as a girl tennis player. It was scary how much he really looked like a girl.
 I have no clue...
 The Guys...
Hope everyone had a great Halloween...Welcome, November!


  1. OK! Why the hell is that picture up of you and me? You may have a man but I'm still trying to attract the opposite sex!

  2. What are you talkin' about?!? It's funny!!