Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Progress and Furniture

We made progress on the kitchen this weekend...take a look at the Olympic Dusty Trail:

The new color makes the kitchen seem so much bigger and it doesn't take away from the countertops like the red did. But don't look too closely at the trim because I let loose on it...it needs to be repainted anyway. What the heck.

AND, the new furniture arrived today! (As well as the plumber to fix the guest bathroom, but that isn't nearly as exciting). I'm very excited about my new couch and TV console, but they are some big pieces of furniture. Take a look:

Shane was home today when they delivered everything. He called me at work to let me know everything was there and looked good. I asked how the couch looked (I was a little nervous that it would be TOO big) and he responded 'Looks good.' 'Well, like how good?' 'It's good babe.' So then I begin to quiz him on how the couch connects. Maybe I'm crazy, but I am pretty positive that sectional couches latch together in some form or fashion. So, of course, I don't believe Shane and I immediately google the model information about the couch...but can't find anything. I get home...and it is confirmed - the couch doesn't fasten together! What tha'!?! What happens when I plop down on it and it slides around on the floor? I have to stand up and put it back in place? Pashah!

But in all honesty, the couch is really heavy so it isn't that easy to move it around. And I'm sure that if it was sitting on carpet it wouldn't be a problem either - so hopefully when we get the rug down our problems will be solved.

It's pretty much Wednesday already, so time to start thinking about the weekend!

Plans for this week/weekend:
  • Paint the trim in the kitchen (hate, hate, hate this)
  • Paint the living room the same color as the kitchen
  • Pick a neutral color for the fireplace and do it to it


  1. Love the new color in the kitchen!!! Makes it looks so clean and new!!

  2. that wall color doubles your kitchen size! our sofas slid around when we first bought them. go to a hardware store and get those rubbery things that stick to the bottom legs of your sofa. they'll stay in place after that!

  3. LOVE everything. The kitchen looks awesome with the new color!

  4. The couches look great!!! I love them....whether they latch or not:) I can't wait to see the living room with the new color.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    And good idea Andrea - I'm going to go get some of those. Can't handle the sliding...

  6. I think it looks great, Stacy! LOVE the console and the couch looks SUPER cozy - yay!