Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Onions in the Yard

That’s right…I’m pretty sure that I had onions growing in my front yard. Here’s the story:

About a month ago, these random bushes started growing in the middle of the yard – and not just weeds, but full on bushes. So, we didn’t do anything….and then they started to bloom these really pretty yellow flowers. We couldn’t get rid of the flowers! But again, they were randomly interspersed in our yard – very tacky. We started to notice that they were blooming everywhere in Smyrna…on the sides of the roads, in other people’s yards, in landscaped areas by the grocery store – so weird. And then the flowers died, but the bushes stayed. And we did nothing.

UNTIL last night! I was tired of looking at them so I put on my flops and gloves and went to pulling…and this is what they looked like:

Is that not a freakin’ onion? It smelled like an onion.

But two funny things happened – I was pulling one of the big bushes (just leaning over and pulling) and it ripped and I fell. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if it was me and Shane in the yard messing around, but it was just me – so I fell, immediately jumped to my feet and then looked around to see if anyone saw. If someone was looking out their window at me…they would have definitely said “What an idiot. Cut your grass while you’re out there.” Or maybe that is something that I would have said…

AND a bird pooped on my arm. This takes me back to about two weeks ago at work, when I was walking between buildings and a bird pooped on me. I got in the elevators (which are mirrored, lovely) and I thought that I had a ball of lint on the front of my shirt. I go to pick it off and it is not lint. It was poo. Good thing that my shirt was red – so it wasn’t that hard to get out, but I was wearing a white tank underneath and the ‘greenness’ had soaked through. Absolutely disgusting. Why, all of a sudden, am I a magnet for bird crap?

So, Shane has committed to cutting the grass this weekend. It’s not really that bad, I mean I’m not going to post pics or anything – but it def needs it! We also need to start seeding and doing whatever else you do in the spring to make your yard grow…any suggestions?

And stay tuned because April is the month of the new Honeysuckle back yard deck!

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