Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Trip to the Outlets

Shane and I got A LOT done this weekend! It was so nice to have a weekend with nothing planned, other than house stuff, of course. First, we painted the living room and were able to knock it out with only one coat. But before I show pics, I must share our fabulous finds and deals at the outlet mall…

First, with the new sectional – we really had no idea how we were going to light the space. We lost the side table, and room for a floor lamp, so Shane had the fabulous idea to put up wall lamps. (He is learning.) Really great idea, but I remember the issues that I had when looking for one for the bedroom…issue being that they are all ugly. But I figured that we would just deal with what we had and when we found one that we loved – we would make the move. So, back to the outlet mall. We go into Restoration Hardware, not thinking that we would find anything, or find anything at outlet prices anyway, and are pleasantly surprised. In the back area where the ‘50% OFF’ signs are located are none other than…freakin’ wall lamps! Venetian bronze ones too! So we are looking at the price and they are $155 with 50% off….$75. Not great, but not too bad. Then we find the shades and they are $11 a piece. Rip off. But then the sales lady came by and said that the lighting section was actually an extra 15% off – totaling 65% off (for those who are bad at math). So two lamps and two shades wound up totaling a little less than the price of one lamp! Score! Take a look at this luminous wonder: We then move on to Pottery Barn and score a $198 wool rug for a measly $45!!! What?!? This rug was also chosen by Shane…I’m still deciding if I love it:
After Pottery Barn we head over to Kirkland’s – we always find the most random, good deals there. We walk in and they have a ton of mirrors…hmmm…I need a new mirror for the guest bath. (The powers that be over at the bathroom mirror making companies like to jack the price up significantly for bathroom mirrors. No matter if they are the plainest of plain…they just know that you have to have a mirror in the bathroom. You know, that whole supply and demand conspiracy.) Well, all of these are gold and silver and either really plain or really ornate. Nothing appropriate for a bathroom. BUT I could totally buy one of these and paint it white, so I did. Check my new $25 bathroom mirror pre-white paint:
And our last stop was to the Home Depot across the street from the outlets. You never know, they may have some good deals that we couldn’t possibly get at our local HD. Well, it was a success. Not so much on a great deal – but to find our living room rug! Finally! So without further ado – here is the new living room (new lamps and rug included):
Our trip was a success!


  1. Love the rug!!! It really makes the room.

  2. It all looks great. I really love the wall lamps! I would love some of those for our bedroom. Which outlets did you shop?

  3. D - Thanks - I completely agree! It feels so much cozier in there now too.

    Lindsey - Thanks! We went to the outlets in Dawsonville...and we usually never find anything great - but we were in luck this time! You should head on up, they still had a decent selection of lamps left (we went on Sunday). Good luck!