Thursday, March 19, 2009


Happy Thursday everyone…only one more day until the weekend. Thank god.

We had our new security system installed this week, and it comes at a great time because apparently Smyrna has turned into the new South Central. No drive-bys or street crime, but a ton of robberies. Between the number of stories that I have heard at work and the actual peeps that I know that have been robbed, this was a very good investment.

We had ADT and Brinks come to the house a few weeks ago and give their sales pitch. We just didn’t like Brinks…didn’t feel right. ADT was okay, but wanted us to spend almost a thousand dollars to install the system (unfortunately, our 1960’s casa isn’t pre-wired for a security system, go figure). We tried to haggle with them, but they just weren’t having it. Apparently they missed that memo about the horrible economy.

Shane, who is an avid 680 The Fan listener, has been hearing these ads for Ackerman Security and how cheap it is – so I gave them a ring. Why not give my business to a local company during tough times? Wow. Hundreds of dollars less to install than both Brinks and ADT, and almost $10 less a month than the other two! Sign me up! They came out yesterday and installed that bad boy – but I have just a few things to comment on (of course):

  • Our security keypad is humongous. It looks like a 1950’s calculator mounted to my wall. Or better yet, a more realistic comparison, one of those really big notecards…4x6 I think? Yeah, massive.

  • The door chime sounds whimpy. I wonder why we can’t choose our own tune? When I open the door it sounds like those chimes that are in thrift stores or deserted gas stations. Sounds kinda’ cheap in a way. I wanted like a bright, chirpy sound – like a bird. Or maybe a tweet…I’ll have to check and see if Ackerman carries the ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ soundtrack for door chimes.

  • I’m skeptical about the motion sensors. They don’t register small movements of the arms or head turns. Shane brought up a good point that a burglar would not just be standing in a room twisting his head or flailing his arms…but I guess I’m looking for Mission Impossible style technology.

So, all complaints aside – I definitely feel a lot safer over at Honeysuckle. But I now have this gnawing urge to set it off…just to see what it does.


  1. You are such a nut!! Love the "humongous 4x6" keypad! LOL And of course old mcdonald had a farm! Honestly - I could see your point about the chime sounding cheap - hilarious! Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday and enjoying the AMAZING weather AND Twilight. You must call me after you see it!

    P.S. Glad you feel safe and were able to get it installed! Yay for Shane being able to take that on!!

  2. I see you've move on to Eclipse! You got the bug for sure. Did you like the movie? If you are not totally over with Vamps after book 4 - you need to read the Sookie Stackhouse series!?! They are even better!

  3. Kel - I swear it is the hugest thing I've ever seen! And Twilight was meh...but I was warned beforehand! No character establishment...none.

    D - Yes, I do have the bug. Like I told Kel, the movie was OK. It was EXACTLY like the book though. And I love Robert Pattinson...makes me fall even more in love with Edward.
    Sookie Stackhouse series - that's the girl from True Blood, right? I watch the shows...are the books different?

  4. Yes, Sookie Stackhouse is True Blood AND the books are TOTALLY better! I am talking a 100 times better. I have been reading them like a mad woman!

    We need to get together...what are ya'll doing Friday night?