Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Plumbers, Dentists and More Backsplash

Plumbers are worth their weight in gold. After our countertop and new sink installation in the kitchen, we contacted a plumber (actually the same one who fixed the drain lines after the rug situation) to hook up the sink plumbing and new garbage disposal. For anyone looking to install a new countertop – this is somewhat of a hidden cost. Well, when I called to set up the plumber, I told them that I had two sinks that needed to be reconnected…the kitchen and the guest bathroom. After mulling it over, the cost that is (not cheap), I decided that Shane and I could figure out the guest bathroom sink. Kitchen hookup goes splendidly…it looks so clean and organized and professional under the cabinet. Just what you like to show off at parties and stuff…

Guest bath is another story. On Saturday, Shane and I take a look at the under-workings of the sink and think that we have it totally in the bag. The main pipe from the wall doesn’t match up with the drain of the new sink, but we just figure that we can push it back in the wall (first mistake) and force it to match up. So we take care of that and proceed to hook up the faucet pipes and the sink drain. First try we realize that we didn’t tighten the faucet pipes enough – which resulted in being squirted in the face. Second try, after putting on plumbers tape, we realize that we still didn’t get the pipes tight enough. Third try, we realize that shoving the pipe in the wall wasn’t a good move. After both Shane and I had been showered, squirted, and doused with water, using our small shop towels to soak up the water from the vanity and surrounding floor – we have decided to pay the additional $125 for a plumber to hook up the bathroom sink. And that will be the best hundred bucks I’ve spent all year.

On to today…I had a dentist appointment this morning where I had to get a cavity filled. For those who know me, I am DEATHLY afraid of needles…like I go into hysterics if I see one. Or like the fact that I set a goal when I was 22 to give blood by the time I was 25…missed that goal and made a fool of myself by having too high of blood pressure because I was crying at a Red Cross Blood Drive. I get to the dentist and see the finger pronged needle and I am, surprisingly, fine! I sit down, start talking to the hygienist, the dentist comes in and tells me that he is going to numb the ‘shot’ area first with an analgesic. So he puts this Orajel type stuff in my mouth and then gives me like five shots – I swear. I am totally fine…still! My hands were shaking a bit, but at least I’m not crying, hyperventilating and planning my escape. He fills my cavity and even says ‘You are doing great!’ I’m sure they say that to everyone, but I especially took it to heart. Afterwards he tells me that I can rinse my mouth with Listerine so I pop up out of the chair, so proud of myself, and go to grab the little plastic mouthwash cup. But my hands are shaking so hard that I can barely grab onto the cup…what was in that analgesic – speed? So the dentist sees me and asks if I’m ok…at which time I proceed to cry. Here it comes – all of the tears that I held back during the filling have just been unleashed as it is time to leave. I tell him that I think that it’s the Novocain…that MUST be what is making me cry and shake. Definitely the medicine. He makes me sit down and asks the hygienist to stay with me – so embarrassing. After about 10 minutes I finally settle down and am ‘allowed’ to leave. For the next 4 hours, I had a crooked smile, huge left cheek and a real problem with drinking liquids.

And on to more of the beautiful backsplash…here are some of the in-progress pics:
I'm planning on painting some tomorrow night and this weekend, so stay tuned for more pics!

Oh - how could I forget?!? Shane and I just bought a new couch and TV console for the living room...wonder what we decided on? Remember the poll from forever ago? It wasn't any of those. :)


  1. You are just FULL of knowledge- thanks for the sink heads up... altough i'm sorry you had to find out the hard way - eek!! Although, I will say, it's got to all be worth it because it looks amazing! And I can't wait to see the console/couch!!!

  2. I see you are reading Twilight!!!

  3. Kel - Yeah, the hard way is sometimes the best don't ever forget those lessons! :)
    And thanks - we are so excited with how everything turned out...stay tuned for pics of the new furniture!

    D - Yes, I am officially on the bandwagon. I started it last Wednesday...