Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Life: Random Picture Post

I was looking through my camera this week and realized we've done a good bit over the past few weeks. And since I'm too lazy to create an actual post...please decipher the photos below. 

Happy Friday!
 Beau and Brother turned 4 this year! These were their birthday prezzies...
 Beau waiting patiently for his new ball. 
 And Brother refusing to wait for his new rope.
 The best boys ever...and this totally captures their personalities. Beau is alert and attentive while Brother is smiling, as we like to call it, and really just here for the party. 
 Aerial shot of Shane with his boys. 

On the field at the Georgia Dome scoping out the facility for a potential work event.  
 Bark for Life with the Martins
 Such an awesome pic of Brother - thanks, Kel!
 Shane's first trip to the Georgia Aquarium...he and this penguin were checking each other out.

 Father's Day at the Bowling Alley
Father's Day - The Guys
Pretty flowers from the hubs.
The orchid my mom got me for Mother's Day...that is STILL kickin'. Thankyouverymuch.

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