Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bedding IN ROUTE and First Piece of Equipment!

We've made some pretty big progress on the 'Prepare for Baby' plan! While we still haven't made any progress on the nursery, we are making some small steps on getting somewhere for this little guy/girl to sleep. 

First, we ordered the baby bedding this past weekend! I changed it up a little bit from the nursery inspiration board but here is the final product:

I love it and can't wait to get it so we can start matching paint colors! (I just want to be really sure that the gray in the bedding will match the shade of gray on the walls - you know how gray can look bluish sometimes...)

Second, we purchased our first piece of baby equipment from a friend at work! She had only used it like 10 times, so it was practically brand new and she was selling it for super cheap. We didn't register for one of these but once I saw all that it could do and that it was gender neutral, I was sold. And factor in the iPod connection and Shane was sold for sure. 
This weekend, we started trying to figure out how it worked and plugged in the iPod to see how it sounded (you know, because it's important to us for our child to only hear Bose-quality music). As we're changing the volume and making it vibrate and all that jazz, we realized that we were listening to Nelly's '#1.'...Through the baby swing. Oh my, how things are changing...

Still a lot left to do but we are making progress!!

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