Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Bracelet and Tile Grout

I've got two totally random topics to talk about today - and you read the title right - a new bracelet and tile grout.

First, I've added yet another piece of Stella & Dot jewelry to my jewelry repertoire:
Second, I finally got to one of my to-do items that I'd been putting off for well over a the tile grout in my kitchen and living room. Well, today, I finally got on my hands and knees and cleaned all of the tile grout with a toothbrush. It was absolutely disgusting:
 The two previous pictures are befores...not the best shots but you get the point at how dingy it looks. 
 And the above is the after - see how much whiter the grout is! I swear it is the very, very simple things in life...
 One more time - BEFORE

So glad this annoying, menial little task is done! I'll go ahead and check this one off from the September 2010 to-do list. Disgraceful. 

Also, I got my Shabby Apple dress in and it is super cute on...stay tuned for pics!

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