Thursday, August 25, 2011

Say Thank You

Now that our one year wedding anniversary has come and gone, I feel the urgency to complete those wedding thank you notes that I said for MONTHS that I was going to do. Don't get me wrong, we were super appreciative of everything that everyone did for us, gave to us, etc., but I'm a 'work in a crunch' girl. The urgency was there before, but now it's really here...

SO...I'm half way through them! I actually mailed out almost 30 notes today and plan to have the rest out by tomorrow. See what I can do when faced with a deadline! (Well, in this case I missed it slightly, but still...)

And as an added bonus, I was going to take a photo of our thank you notes that Karly from SweetBeaker created for us. But as I was digging around online, I found her blog and she posted some images there! And she takes much better pictures than me so score!
And check out her sweet blog post about these here! (yes, it was from almost a year ago - but this was my first time seeing it!)

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