Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Thoughts this Week

I only have one picture for this post – boring. But something that ISN’T boring are some of the completely random things that I’ve thought about/done this week.

1. Who invented the 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. work week? And why? And who decided that Saturday and Sunday should be your days off? 

2. I got home the other night to the HUGEST bug sitting on the door handle to my house. I walk up, put my keys in the lock and then see the bug…I jumped down three stairs, ran over to the other side of my car and immediately opened my phone to call Shane. (Whenever I get scared or confused, I call Shane. He can fix problems telepathically.) He was playing tennis, though, so I knew I was in this one alone. I was frantic. I immediately had to pee…like pee my pants pee. Then I look around because I think maybe this is a joke…someone drove all the way to my house to put this fake bug on my door handle and then sit and wait for me to get home and find it. Or maybe it’s a stalker. (Too much Law and Order). So, long story short, I do what any mature adult would do – I begin picking up sticks and branches and throwing them at the door from across the driveway…hoping to scare the bug off. After about 10 sticks, I finally hit it and it falls off onto the steps. It was dead. I take another stick and flick it under the deck stairs. Look around again…proceed inside.

3. I’ve decided I like Justin Bieber. It’s not Bieber-fever status but I enjoy some of his songs…and I recently watched the CMT awards (or some award show that was on CMT) and saw that he collaborated with Rascal Flatts. Done and done.

4. Guys who grunt at the gym are ridiculous. Besides the point that you are being disrespectful of those who are trying to enjoy a nice novel while walking on the treadmill, you just look stupid. And if you wear earbuds and possibly can’t hear yourself doing it…just watch for my over-exxagerated huffs and puffs and my laser focused death stare.

5. Nicki Minaj is a cheap, tacky rip off of Lady Gaga, in my personal opinion. Yeah, I know they do two different types of music…but still.

6. Moo Moo and Dragon are dead. Moo Moo was malled and gutted while Dragon was simply tortured…Beau slowly removed his squeaker by busting the side stitching of his chest. Although he may be a sadist, I consider him a genius dog…I think I’ve said before that I plan on using him as our first born’s nanny. I was only half way kidding.

You have any random thoughts to share?

Have a great weekend!


  1. haha you're a nut. I'd do the same thing though - I hate any kind of bug.

    OMG I hate the grunters too. I guess we'll never see our grunters at the old gym again. sad. Kind of. right? no. okay.

  2. Speaking of grunting...'Tennis?...or Gay Porn?' f-ing hilarious segment from the long lost 99X back in the day...

    Also, while residing in Statesboro in the ol' GA Southern days, I arrived home to my studio apartment, which was actually just part of a house these folks had make-shift turned into a place to rent out, I had a similar bug greet me, but instead it came through my window unit AC!! It was the size of a small bird and wings 6 inches long that flapped 100mph, I swear! I screeched and the only split-second solution was to flip a glass upside down on top of it until Chris could get there to rescue me and take care of it...freakin' gross!! I HATE bugs of that size!

  3. So, the indestructible toys broke? you get your money back?