Friday, May 20, 2011


We're back. I've been gone a month and I know you missed me.

So, what's been going on? Here is an update on our life over the past no particicular order:

Our friends, Mike and Mandy, got married! It was so beautiful, so fun, so emotional...but only for me apparently. Mandy was cool as a cucumber but I couldn't get myself together...I cried with pretty much everyone who spoke to me. I hate when I do that.

Check out the beautiful bride:
And here are all the bridesmaids...and the bride. She's the one in shorts.
We also hosted another bachelorette party for Mandy the weekend was fun. And crazy. Per usual. We started the night off with pole dancing - and you are for sure high if you think I'm posting pictures of that. But after that we put back on our suburban girl clothes and went to a bar that typically targets the 40-50 was awesome.
 Stobbe, Mandy (she's the one in the wig.) and me
 The group...apparently I thought that I needed to squeeze in.
 This guy bought champagne. Perfect.
 And the last picture of the night - HA!

In non-Mandy and Mike related news, here are some highlights:
  • I have dyhidrodic eczema on my hands. It has been there since college and I thought that it was warts. Thanks a lot Web MD.
  • We bought a deck box for the deck. Clever name. And then got the deck stained. We always do things backwards.
  • Our dryer broke. AGAIN. Would I recommend that you purchase a Frigidaire? Um, check this out.
And that pretty much sums it up! Hope that everyone has a great weekend! 

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