Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Recap - The Bachelorette Party!

As I mentioned, last weekend (well, Wednesday to Sunday) was my friend, Mandy's, bachelorette party in Orlando. We all had a great time and I will add that we fit SO MUCH into our three full days:
  • Thursday - a full day at Islands of Adventures. For those who may be contemplating going here, check out the 'Single Riders' will cut your wait time by 75%.
  • Thursday night: Dancing the night away at some place that was labeled 'Dance Hall.' Apparently they weren't concerned with creativity when naming the joint. There were all of seven people here and we were pretty much the only ones on the dance floor. I won't even elaborate on how sweaty we I was at the end of the night.
  • Gotta' love the self timer...and we are all four in this picture although it looks like Mandy's back is connected to Michelle's butt...LOL!
  • Friday: Pool day and bachelorette night!
  • Saturday: Shopping and a movie (Scream 4 - and with it being the fourth installment, you know it was bad...I fell asleep). Also, Orlando has awesome outlet malls...proof? I snagged this puppy (in brown) for 25% of the ticket price:
  • Sunday: Our flight home...complete with unruly kids and handheld game devices NOT on mute.
Some things we did learn on this adventure, however, are:
  • That you are not allowed to drink your own alcohol on a plane. So, when you receive your non-alcoholic drink from the flight attendant, don't set up a makeshift bar (displaying your air plane liquor bottles with pride) on your tray table while you mix your drink. That is against federal regulations and you will be reprimanded.
  • Disney employees are watching you while you are on the rides...they can even talk to you over the loud speaker and completely freak you out.
  • Pita Pit. Enough said.
We all had a great time and are looking forward to the wedding in only a few short weeks!


  1. Mandy looks so pretty! Great group pics of you girls, love the new bag and awesome tip about single riders!! We can talk about the ride later, not during and get in 18 times as many rides - done!

  2. You posted about the trip before me!! whoa! Now I feel like a slacker. :)

    Single rider lines, yes please.

  3. haha, what did you bring nippers on the plane with you and get in trouble for using them?

    I used to work at Disney...yes, they are watching fact there are very few rides that do not have cameras around pretty much every corner, and we aren't allowed to tell you which ones don't have said cameras ;)

    what did you guys do for "bachelorette night"?

    as for that dance hall place, yeahhh...the only real nightlife in Orlando nowadays is in downtown Orlando...though supposedly Disney is going to revamp what used to be PI, I still don't think there are really going to be any clubs or whatever...

  4. D - thanks, skank. :)

    Tara - We totally brought on little airplane bottles and thought that was legit. Wrong.

    For bachelorette night, we actually did hit downtown Orlando and went to like 5 different places...after Maaco's my memory is a little fuzzy. :)

  5. Amazing trip! Thanks ladyies. You are the bestest!

  6. Where are you?? You haven't posted in a while......Love you muches!! Mom

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