Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am one of the few (or at least that’s how I feel) that enjoys Valentine’s Day. I like getting flowers (although I don’t get them NEARLY enough :)), getting dressed up, braving the crowds and going to dinner, ordering off the ‘limited menu’ and sitting elbow to elbow with the couple next to you. There, I said it.

However, I also realize that the holiday (made up or not) is also about recognizing the one you love. And I’m going to do so, here and now, and give you the top five reasons that my husband is my ultimate Valentine:
  1. Because you enjoy spending time with me (and trust me, not a lot of people can say that same thing) even if we are just laying on the couch having ‘snuggle day,’ cleaning the house, shopping, or whatever…we always make it fun. 
  2. Oh, and I love that you love to shop with me – clothes, shoes, house stuff, beads – you are there, you’re engaged and you don’t complain. (Unless it is a Saturday during football season.) 
  3. Because you make me laugh. Even when I’m pissed at you for not washing out your bowl or putting away the PlayStation because ‘you have to finish the season’ – you still find a way to talk me off the ledge and make me smile. 
  4. Because I see how much you love our boys, Beau and Brother, and can only imagine the love you will have for our children. 
  5. Because we don’t give up. We have been through some doozies together and we always know that, no matter what, we’ll get through it together and be stronger because of it. And we never doubt this.
There are, of course, many more, too many to list, but I’ll stop here. I love you, Shane! You are my special Valentine!

Hope everyone else has a great Valentine’s Day!


  1. Well you're just the sweetest thing! Not really though so what gives? Do you want something? Have a home project on the horizon and are trying to get Shane's buy in? J/k! Happy Valentine's Day to the Wilson's!! Love that you love V-day!

  2. How sweet!!!! I like spending time with you and going bead shopping... Maybe next year incan be ur Valentine?!

  3. Did aliens take over your body??

  4. FBI and D - I have a very sweet side to my personality that I only show to Shane - so shut up. :)

    Jennifer - I'll start taking Valentine applications in December. Mark your calendar.

  5. First off let me start by saying that I am the luckiest person in the world to have you in my life. "Snuggle days" are underrated too! I love you and cannot wait to spend many more Valentine's Days together. Enjoyed our trip to the drive-in Saturday. I love you!

  6. I'm commenting but I'm not sure what half of your post or shane's reply said...because my eyes are engulfed with tears...happy v-day you two crazy kids!

  7. Awe.....Shane, that's a great comment. I have to stand up for Shanes' romantic side- I have watched him year after year after year...I won't do that 10 times...anyway, I'll get back to what I was saying, I have watched him woo my daughter with romance for 10 years. He's always creative! Love you guys.

  8. Awe!!! This is so nice. Tears for sure!!