Wednesday, February 2, 2011

B&B Beds

We recently ordered Beau and Brother new dog beds from Drs. Foster and Smith. I can't tell you how much time and money have been spent on the cheap little PetSmart beds that A) get gross and lumpy B) develop a very curious odor that won't ever go away C) are ugly we decided to invest a little more money and get something good.

 See how thick it is? Like a little puppy mattress...

And I had to add the says 'Beau and Brother' but I couldn't get Brother to move his left arm long enough.

We have another one coming for the bedroom that is 50"x35" so they can really stretch out at night.

They are so spoiled.


  1. Brother would not keep his leg moved because brother could not move it any further... He is not as limber as us... Mean mommy. I bet u beat him too...
    Just kidding

  2. I’ve seen it first hand – she does beat them. I'm calling the ASPCA....teehee!

  3. LOVE that bed!

    and the monogramming is beautiful. :)

  4. I love them!! So glad you got the great, new, nice beds - and the warranty was awesome, too!

  5. Can you order one for me with my name on it for when I spend the night? Love the print!

  6. love them, gonna have to check out that website for sure! I wanna meet Beau and Brother :)

  7. Jennifer/Danielle - Good point on the range of motion...however, he was completely knocked out at this point and I was merely posing his unconcious body. Therefore, I thought he would be more limber...

    Nancy/FBI - Thanks so much! Hopefully these will stand the test of time for these guys!

    Mandy - I don't know...I pretty much redid my guest bedroom for you...and now you want your own monogrammed bed? Geez...

    JBB - Definitely check it out - well worth the additional money! We should all get together soon and you can meet my boys! :)

  8. aww! I wish I could get my dogs beds like this, but they wouldn't be worth the money because my pups would chew them up within a couple days :-/