Thursday, December 10, 2009

Toph's 21st Birthday...Craziness, Order in the Bathroom

So...Tuesday was my younger brother, Christopher's (who refers to himself as Topher), 21st birthday! My parents were generous enough to take the family and a few of Chris' friends out for dinner at Maggiano's. Their family style menu always gets ugly - as in I eat two portions of everything's a sickness.

Afterwards, me, Shane, Toph and a few of his buddies went to Stout in Buckhead for some additional drinking. 'We won't stay out late - midnight at the latest.' Fat chance. After at least 4 shots each, three liquor drinks, some beers - we were home at 2 a.m. A sober friend came to pick my brother up from our house to take him home but not before we gave EVERYONE the house tour. Let's keep in mind that I haven't cleaned my house in a minute, my bed isn't made, I still have Christmas projects laying around, there are dishes in my sink and an unplugged iron on my counter...yes, Better Homes & Gardens - where you at? Here are a few pics:
On Wednesday, I work from home so the hangover wasn't as bad since I could work whilst laying on the couch. Shane, however, was down for the count. He didn't work at all and laid in bed until after noon. His body just can't take it anymore - you know, with him being 31 and all!

Last night, me and Jennie went to Polished in Smyrna to get our toes done and for dinner and drinks. It was good to catch up and we are definitely going to make that a once a month occassion, right Jennie?

Tonight is book club meeting at my house! This has been a very busy week. And I have been preparing for this event by having a laundry list of things that I want to do (paint doors, paint bathroom, paint trim in hallway, paint front door, hang outside wreaths, etc., etc.) of which two or three were accomplished. I am anything if not a dreamer.

On to organizing the you can see from the pics it is an extremely small space. My only storage is the white cabinet that is on the wall (which I don't really like, but have to learn to love it because I NEED the storage). I want to get some things out of the way while still having things look put together - so here are some of my thoughts:
To get hair stuff out of the way:
A shelf to put right above the sink, under the medicine cabinet, for an extra place to sit stuff (rings, hair clips, etc.) It sucks having to always put things in the sink:

I'll have my existing cabinet for makeup, brushes, perfumes, deodorants, etc. I don't know - small spaces are frustrating...why can't I just win the lottery? Anybody have any ideas? Would love to hear your thoughts!

And here is a pic of Brother that makes me laugh...he hates my guts.

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