Monday, December 7, 2009

Freshly Painted Master Bathroom

I painted the master (I use that word VERY loosely) bathroom this weekend and think that it turned out great! Here is a before pic:
Here is an after without anything moved back in:
The color is a very light bluish/greenish color. Since it is so light - I went ahead and painted the ceiling the same color.
What do you think??


  1. I love the color! And I love that you did this on a Saturday morning :)

    One question for do you paint behind the toilet? I was thinking about that last night and it seems too small of a space to get a paintbrush behind.

  2. Thanks, D!

    Thanks, Mon! I find that my most creative moments come at the most RANDOM times - ha ha! As far as painting behind the toilet, mine sticks off the wall far enough for me to get my roller back there. It kind of touches the back of the toilet, but it doesn't matter - nobody sees that side!