Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Why not talk about Father's Day a week and a half later?!

This year, Father's Day was a little bit more special since Shane was celebrating his first Father's Day! We got together with my dad and brother's for a low key lunch and some hang out time. 

As far as gifts, I wanted our gift(s) to Shane to be both useful and sentimental. So, that included a photo and a tie. 

I took this pic of Lola and framed it in a simple gray frame...I love that she hams it up for the camera. And that she can hold this makeshift sign like a champ at only 9 months old. 

And, Shane has been wearing ties to work on Mondays, and we call it tie Monday (because tie Tuesday is just too obvious), so we got him this new tie for his collection:
And a few shots from the day with the fam:

 My dad, my brothers, Lola and me
I'm really committed to the hand on the hip thing. I even do it during candid shots.

Happy Father's Day, Dad and Shane! Love you guys!