Monday, June 3, 2013

A Laundry List...

Sigh. Hi, again. What's it been? Two months. K. Moving along. 

We've been busy the past two months so I'll just share the quick and dirty laundry list of what's been up!

Afternoon tea with Lola's Mimi and Aunt Katie:

Shane and I had some adult time at a friend's wedding:

After seeing this picture, I promptly cut all of my hair off. Ga-ross.

We built a new fence at the house. Thank god for this...our dogs were about this close to...well, we are just really happy to have it. 

Lola started teething (she now has three teeth). And who knew this process went on (off and on) for two years? Not this girl. 

We had the inside of the house painted. Not great pics but you get the point:

Lola turned seven months old!

Aunt Katie attended her Junior Prom so we went over to take some pictures. The experience kind of made me miss high school but then also made me so thankful that I'm not in high school. 

Had some play dates with Avery:

Went to Orlando for Aunt Katie's cheerleading competition. Apparently, it's a cheerleading thing to wear really big bows in your, since Lola has as much hair as a 16-year old girl, we threw one in!

Celebrated my first Mother's Day:
 Lola and her Grammy

Lola turned eight months old:

How's that for an update? And now I leave you with a bye-bye from Lola!

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  1. Such lovely photos! I hope you had a great Monday!