Friday, October 28, 2011

KickBallin’ - Balls Deep Style

Our kickball season has come to an end…our last game was Wednesday but we, somehow, have a playoff game next Wednesday. We finished the season with only three wins (3-4) – but we still had fun. And we have the best shirts in the league…check it:

 Each person chose nicknames and we had them screen printed on our shirts.

Shane is the ‘Godfather’ (any Old School fans out there?) and I’m Flash 7.1. And, yes, that is directly related to my 40-yard dash time…which, I’m pretty sure, has gotten down to around 6.8. 

Also, after our games, Atkins Park - a local bar - hosts all of the kickball teams for drinks and food. They also have dueling pianos...after a few drinks, Shane likes to get on stage for a little ditty:
Look at sneaky snake trying to play the piano. 

It's usually about 20 minutes after this that we decide it's time to go is a Wednesday for god's sake and we are no longer in college. 

Have a great weekend!

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