Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Recap

I’m another year older…officially the big 2-8. I’m not necessarily upset by it, but to quote my very intellectual father, it felt like just another day. No older and certainly no younger. 

However, sweet Shane did make it very special by planning a ton of special stuff for us (and he likes for everything to be a surprise…love him.):

Friday – Dinner with the parents at The Vinings Fish Company. Wine and Ahi Tuna – yum. And I got some cash and some more Latisse – yum as well. After dinner, we met up with some peeps for drinks and then went to sing karaoke! We traveled the 20-30 minutes out to Buford Highway to go to Karaoke Melody where you rent your own room and sing karaoke with just your group – we love this place. Stayed out too late and hit the hay around 4 a.m. Yikes.
Saturday – Had brunch at J. Christopher’s with Patrick, my baby brother, and then over to Natural Body for an hour-long massage. So.nice. Came home and watched some TV and some movies and then headed to Studio Movie Grill for dinner and Paranormal Activity 3. First off, the movie was pretty good – I’d give it a B-. Secondly, the customer service at this place was awesome…we will go back just for the sheer fact that they were so polite and courteous to us.

Sunday – Lunch and margaritas with Chris, my other baby brother, and then went shopping – at Target. So, you know that was a disaster…how is it that you go in there to buy fabric softener and come out with a new wardrobe, 15 greeting cards, new Halloween decorations and a bicycle? Whatever subliminal marketing thing they’ve got going on in there totally works.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures…only memories. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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