Monday, October 10, 2011


I said a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t an athlete…however, I think I’m moving the needle on that statement. While I’m still not an athlete, per se, I’m less of a non-athlete. Proof? I ran a 5K on Saturday…wha?!? 

While I certainly wasn’t the fastest one there, or the fastest of my running trio (Jennie and Brittany ran with me) – I still felt SO accomplished afterwards. My official time was 35:57 and I was 20th (out of 27) in my age group of 20-29 year old females. 

Me, Jennie and Brittany - I wear a sweatband these days because my ears get really cold and it makes me dizzy – what about it?!

My goal moving forward (dare I put a goal out into the blog world) is to run another 5K and, obviously, beat my time by at least 5 minutes. Totally doable!

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