Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Speedy Gonzalez

I’ve never claimed to be an athlete. 

My physical activity includes going to the gym and I recently started doing ‘private boot camp’ with Jennie (as in the two of us meet early in the morning and do a bunch of different boot camp-style workouts together); but I have never labeled myself as ‘fit,’ ‘a runner,’ ‘in shape,’ etc. 

I also feel it appropriate to note that when I was in 7th grade, someone told me I ran like a duck…I was scarred for life. 

Back to the story...

During the summer, Shane and I (and some friends) joined a co-ed kickball league. Running is/was clearly involved. During one of our games, that happened to follow a 4th of July trip to the mountains/river, someone asked (after I ran to first base) if I had sand in my shoes. My first thought was ‘No, I didn’t wear these shoes to the river' - thinking that he thought that I literally had gotten sand in my shoes. Please note that I’ve never labeled myself ‘smart’ either.

Later, this comment was clarified for me – it meant I was a slow runner. What makes this even more sad is that I had just commented to my friend, Danielle, that I was proud of myself for running so fast at that game.

SO – to prove myself, I bet that I could run the 40 yard dash in under 10 seconds. Then, after a few beers, said I could do it under 8 seconds. This is total reasonable since NFL players, who run for a living, can do it in like 5 seconds, right? 

UM, TOTALLY RIGHT! I ran like the freaking wind and ran a 7.17 second 40 yard dash - holla!!!! There was video taken, which I may share at a later date, and after reviewing the footage – I do indeed look a little slow. But, based on my time, that is clearly just an optical illusion! This girl is FAST!

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