Friday, July 1, 2011


As part of our 'Grow Grass Now' initiative, we've not only enlisted Scott's Lawn Care Service (and yes, I expect Turner Field-esque grass any minute now) but we also decided to prune and even take down some trees. Here was the scene at the Wilson home today:

We cut down two trees (one oak and one crooked pine) and 'limbed up' (that's tree cutting terminology) three others. Before and afters:
 Through the office first. Always.

 And now a few shots from the before and afters, sorry. (Damn, that grass is struggling.)

We are really pleased with the end results. We'd definitely recommend our vendor - Tree Monster in Atlanta!

And now that we've rid the yard of sunlight obstructors, stay tuned for photos of beautiful green grass. And possibly 'Yard of the Month' signage.

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  1. Tree monster is an awesome name!!! Looks great - love your B & As!