Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Friday Randomness

I've had the most random thoughts/experiences this week. Here are a few appropriate ones that I've chosen to share:

I was at Chateau Elan for most of the week at a meeting. Their wine is disgusting. They actually only make 5% of their wine and the rest comes from California...yet, they have a vineyard at their entrance. Stoopy.

I ordered some more Stella and Dot jewelry (joo-ri)...check it:
I got the purple one because it was on sale. Regular $40 and I got it for $19. Score.

I was on my way home last night and pulled up next to this:

When is it ever OK for your children to put stickers on your windows? I would love to know exactly how that went is having a bad day, kids are screaming in the backseat, so, you throw a pack of stickers at them to calm them down? And then let them destroy your car? And then you get home and don't even pull them off and use some acetone to get the sticky off? Instead, you drive around, looking like a complete moron and let everyone judge you? Well, consider yourself judged. Now go get that mess off of there and spank your child for destroying property.

We are on vacation at the beach all next week and I. Cannot. Wait. I plan to read at least three books (and will be disappointed in myself if I don't accomplish that goal), not wake up to an alarm clock (AT.ALL.) and am considering taking at least one day to not shower. Or talk.

We recently attended our dear friend, Mike's, 30th birthday party. Everyone dressed as a character from one of Mike's favorite movies. It was hilarious.

 The hosts - Mike (birthday boy)(Super Troopers Bullet Proof Cup) and Mandy (Receptionist from Beetlejuice)
 Shane (A Clockwork Orange) and I (Something About Mary)
The boys (L to R) - Jose (Shake Weight Guy), Nick (The Hangover), Jason (Ace Ventura - Mental Institution scene), Mike (Super Troopers), Brandon (Big Brother from the Goonies), Shane (A Clockwork Orange)

And notice Jason's tutu - I made it. It was the first thing I've made in a while that I didn't fail and that I was really proud of! I watched this tutorial. Here's a better picture with a very enthusiastic model:
And, that is all. Have a great weekend!


  1. OH MY GOSH! That's such a good theme party idea and I'm totally stealing it for a future birthday party for myself or my husband ;)

  2. Great party! Can't believe you made a tutu. Can't believe Shane modeled it for you. This is awesome!

  3. Hi Stacy! You're the winner of the Shabby Apple Da Vinci dress giveaway on my blog!

    (Also, there's nothing hawter than a man in a tutu. HA!!)