Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Most Important Thing I Have to Say

Is that I have 1.5 days to accomplish my March goals. What's outstanding?
  1. Write and mail all wedding thank you notes
  2. Print 6 of our favorite wedding photos
  3. Buy/make curtains for dining/living room
  4. Read two books
Yeeahhhh...I can totally knock that out by tomorrow.

**Please consider this my goal update for March and my goal setting post for April. If I don't knock this out in April, I'm never sharing my goals again. Ever.


  1. Someone needs a good kick in the a$$ :)

  2. Don't feel bad - You and I are on the same page...goals, what are goals? I'm lucky if I get a shower in these days :)

  3. Always better to accomplish your goals super duper cant-get-much-later-than-this late, than never! :) Time management used to be a strength of mine and it has recently turned into a weakness...

    You probly couldn't *make* your own drapes tonight, but you could scoot over to BB&B and buy a pair and then you could check off that goal! teeheehee