Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do You Dance?

Isn't that always such an awkward/random question when people ask that? Here is the scene that I envision...

Location: Bar/Club environment with dance music playing

"Do you dance?"

"Umm...yeah...sometimes. I mean, like when it's appropriate. I don't typically dance to my car in the morning...or dance my way into my office everyday...or break it down while I'm brushing my teeth in the morning. But I do dance when I've had a few drinks and I have some girlfriends with me that have also had some drinks and we are all in the mood...then I do dance. Oh, and the music has to be some vintage stuff (and by vintage, I mean old-school Britney Spears or some Kilo (who remembers him?!?)) or new stuff like Rihanna or Kesha...still lovin' that 'Tick Tock' song. So, yeah, I do you?"

Random thought...anyone feeling me?

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