Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 ½ Weeks Ago…

I wrote my last post. A lot has been going on since then…

In wedding-related news (and I apologize if I've already shared this...I was too lazy to look back through my other posts)
  • We’ve decided on our wedding band! Huge burden off our shoulders, but I’m not sharing any details. It’s a surprise.
  • I've purchased a wedding dress! And all of my bridesmaids have ordered their dresses as well - take a look and try to envision it in black:
  • Groomsmen have all been asked (and they accepted :)). Here is how Shane posed the question to his guys...can you see the difference in the bottle label on the left and right? So cute, right?!?
  • Had to start over with another florist...but the new one is great! She even managed a way for us to have ORCHIDS!
  • Booked our officiant!
  • We are in the process of picking food...who knew that could be such a painstaking process?

In other news...
I’ve done lots more painting and redecorating around the casa. Stay tuned for pics…

My bestest friend, Jenny, was in town recently - we had a blast!

Me and Jenny (BFF since 4th grade...can you believe it?!)

Austin, Kel, Jenny and Me

Four out of six bridesmaids - Danielle, Kelly, me, Jenny and Mandy...

A few drinks/shots/songs later...

The Boys - Austin, John, Shane and Mike

Shane and I got airbrush tans. Yep. I’m serious. And let me tell you that is a very humbling experience (but not as much as a Brazilian wax…so I’ve heard). But it thankfully turned out really good! Not orange or anything!

Why did we get airbrush tans? Because we had engagement photos taken that weekend…

Aren’t they A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.? We should be getting the remainder of them sometime this week and I am so excited. I’ve also posted these on the wedding website – visit it at http://www.stacyandshane.wedsite.com/ and check out the ‘News and Updates’ page.

I believe I've mentioned that I've been running for a while now. I've had problems with my knee, and randomly my wrist, so I went to the chiropractor last weekend. Turns out that my butt muscles are tight and messing with my sciatic nerve. What do I have to do? Massage...concentrating on my butt. Yet again, another humbling experience.

Until next time...


  1. I need a TAN!

    Butt Massage...that made me laugh!

  2. I'm so obsessed with your pictures!! Amazing - you guys look awesome!

    And yes, I too and am still cracking up about your butt issues. How is the tennis ball working out for ya?

  3. D - So do I! My airbrush has def worn off...and the butt massage went surprisingly well!

    Kel - Thanks! We can't wait to see the rest - hopefully this week...

    Unfortunately, the tennis ball didn't do well...the massage was good though. Embarassing, but good! :)