Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Candy Bar...Almost Complete

Instead of cake, we will have a candy bar at the wedding! Meaning, the following vases filled with various types of green candy. Why aren't we doing cake? We just aren't big 'cake people,' and this is much cheaper.

However, when I say that the bar is almost complete, it's because one of my vases (my favorite) broke either as it was being packed up or in transit.
I'm thinking that I will just put some clear packing tape over both sides to keep it from breaking more and still use it. I probably won't use it in the candy know, with food and broken glass posing a danger and all. But I think I can use it in my house...

Or can I fix it somehow? Are there glassworkers that can just fill in that hole? :)


  1. I say call and try to return it - can't hurt...worst case scenario: They say 'no'!

  2. Hey Babe, I have one that's almost identical to your broken one. You're welcome to it. It's the one that sits on the kitchen table w/the mossy things in it.

  3. Jennie - you think I can even though I bought it last Saturday? I'm pretty sure that they broke it while they were wrapping it...I'm doin' it!

    Mom - I might take you up on that...