Monday, March 1, 2010

Why are all of my posts updates?

Oh yeah, because I never post anymore! Sorry! I hate to be that person that is like, ‘Oh, I just don’t have time because I’m SOOO busy…’ but unfortunately – things have been pretty hectic and so I am going to have to be the person that says that.

So, let’s update…
  • First and foremost, Shane and I have chosen a wedding venue and set our date! Get ready for August 21 at the King Plow Event Gallery! I think that we both knew this was the place the second we walked in. I seriously walked into the ceremony room and thought, ‘This place is mine if the price is right…I don’t even need to see anything else.’ Shane is all logical and stuff so I’m sure his mental conversations were a little different.
  • We shared all of our wedding research with our family and they were very excited for us! And didn’t faint, vomit or convulse over the numbers.
  • Shane and I joined a new gym over by our house so that we can work on our fitness. I’ve already been working on my fitness because I have a gym at work, but Shane wants to also get lean and mean for the wedding. His words, not mine. :)
  • I responded to Wells Fargo’s passive-aggressive letter they sent denying all fault with my auto loan debacle. The Better Business Bureau gave me two weeks to respond and let them know a MIDDLE GROUND resolution to get this situation over with. I don’t really know what a MIDDLE GROUND would be…I don’t expect them to comp me a month on my car loan, and I don’t expect an ‘I’m sorry’ card…so, we’ll see what happens next.
  • Shane and I have narrowed down our wedding parties – which was a very painstaking process, I might add. We are in the process of asking, but once that is done I’ll share how we did it.
  • I created a wedding website! Check it out here:
  • We ordered our Save the Dates! They are so cute…I’ll post an image of them once they come in.
  • I got new rugs for in front of my driveway and back doors:

• I need to get back on track with goals so I will try to make that happen this week.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!!

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